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Brown Beer


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World’s best Monestry Brewery. Several times Best Beer in the world.

In June 2005, when Westvleteren 12 was again highlighted as “Best Beer in the World”, news organizations followed this up and articles appeared in the international press, highlighting the beer ranking and the unusual business policies. In 2014 it was rated best beer in the world by Ratebeer.com

Following these events, interest in Westvleteren’s output increased and stories appeared of the abbey’s stock being low, forcing the monks to reduce the amount of beer sold to each customer. In an interview, monk Mark Bode explained that the abbey had no intention of increasing its production, despite demand: “We make the beer to live but we do not live for beer.

Despite the popularity, the monks of St Sixtus have continued to decline almost all interview and visit requests, and have not enjoyed all of the attention they have received. Non-monastic visitors to the abbey are usually turned away, instead being directed to the visitor’s centre opposite where there is information about the abbey and brewery. They have stated their desire to only produce as much beer as needed to finance the community

The brewery currently employs three secular workers for various manual labour tasks; however, the primary brewing is done by the monks only. Of the 26 Trappists who reside at the abbey, five monks run the brewery, with an additional five who assist during bottling.

Aroma: sweet toffee, caramel, prunes, red wine. Pours mahogany with a massive frothy head, quite lively carbonation. In taste dark fruit, caramel, wood, nuts, moderate bitterness, hint of alcohol which feels appropriate and I’d call a bit rum-like, some phenols/cloves in finish.



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